Prisca Tozzi

Already a chemical expert, I am graduate in Photography and New Media. I live and work in London but frequently I reach Florence, Rome and Paris for freelance assignments from clients in various fields related to my skills. I am a qualified drone pilot and I often use it for videos and drone shots. 

In 2012  I attended a basic professional photography course at the Art and Crafts School in Rome and in 2017 I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Florence after a three years study course. I have collaborated for several years with galleries in Rome for the realisation of photographic projects related to art, design and architecture. During my studies I have collaborated with a famous fashion brand in Florence producing photo still life shootings and look books in addition to mood videos. I feel to have developed a professional approach as photographer and video maker that can undertake any kind of issues in this field. 

My inspiration talks about lifestyle but still-life characterisation is identified in my passion for colour, composition and moving effects. Travelling around the world made my more mature and experienced to face any kind of situation and surely increased my attitude to be in contact with international environments.


Serous and competent process in working reflects my determination to increase my skills every day.Extensive experience with a range of cameras: Digital SLR , Canon and Nikon. Well skilled to colour and black & white printing processes both digitally and darkroom.  


2010 - 2011 : Various publications for “Romewhere Magazine” | Italy

2012 : Photo credit magazine “PHOTOMAG”| photographic reportage BOTTEGHE

2012 : Photo credit for “Passipartout” Artbook | Campi Magnetici editor

2013 : Photo Credit for Artbook by  Alberto Timossi 

2014 : Photo credit for Artbook “Awakening” by Gregor Becker

2016:  Photo credit for Art magazine “Artisti in Campo”

2017:  Publication Photography book “Roma Incompiuta”

2017 : Photo credit for


2016 :”Gli Artigiani dell’Arno” x marchio di Moda Viajiyu | Florence

2016 : Sport event “III Memorial Renato Speziali” presso Stadio dei Marmi | Roma

2016 : Cooking show x Alchimia Food Lab, Chef  Andres Felipe Upegui Sanchez | Rome

2016 : Bartender Competition Del Maguey 2016, Matteo Di Ienno | Florence

2017 : ”Trailer Blazer Tour” x marchio di Moda Viajiyu | San Diego

2017 : Michele Bosi for KLAB sport video

2017 :  Art Project “Mannequin” with artists Angelo Savarese for Pavart Art Gallery | Rome

2017 :  Art Project “R_esisto” with artists Angelo Savarese and Roberta Morzetti for Pavart Art Gallery | Rome

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